PHIT Improv Conservatory Now Accepting Applications!

We at PHIT are very excited to announce the next round of the PHIT Improv Conservatory will be taking place this spring. Not only that, but the group is lucky enough to have Hot Dish Director, Steve Kleinedler as the instructor. The goal of the conservatory is simple: create an offering that furthers the commitment PHIT has always had to create amazing performers out of everyday people and grow the comedy scene in Philly. The conservatory class will take a small group chosen from among a larger pool of applicants and work with them to create an ensemble that has developed their own style of play.

After eight weeks of work with one of our top instructors they will enjoy a one month run (4 shows) at PHIT for a paying audience, during which time they will continue to work with their instructor turned director to improve their show, review tape of their performance, and grow through the experience of working in front of a crowd. The first conservatory class created a form called “Olympus” in which they portrayed gods influencing the lives of mere mortals. It was a really fun, ambitious show that went over very well. I can’t wait to see what this new group puts together.

It is our hope is that the Improv Conservatory will offer students a variety of different experiences and viewpoints each time they apply for and are accepted into a session (you can take as many conservatory classes as you can get accepted into), and that it will help bridge the gap between finishing our core curriculum and successfully auditioning for a spot in the cast of PHIT’s special projects or House Teams.

As stated above you must either have completed PHIT Improv levels 101, 201, 30 and 401, completed the core curriculum of a comparable improv theater or have special permission from the Education Director. If you feel you qualify, but do not meet the aforementioned qualifications you can email me to discuss your situation.

Applications will be accepted through end of day 2/28/13. Those chosen for this round of the conservatory will be notified by Monday, 3/4/13 with class starting Sunday 3/17 (6:30pm-9:30pm). Special payment arrangements are available to students accepted into the PHIT Improv Conservatory program. Application and full schedule details can be found in the improv classes section of the website.

With so many great performers graduating this program all the time, this will no doubt be a very tough decision. Best of luck to all!

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