We had a really incredible number of submissions (350+ pages) and a very deep talent pool for our first-ever sketch show writers submission process last weekend, and it forced us to make some very tough decisions. It also led us to make one decision that was very easy but also surprising… instead of casting just one team to premiere a show at the Philly Fringe in September 2012 we ended up casting two sets of writers (the second team will mount a premiere show in late-October). Also, don’t forget that it is not too late to still be a part of these shows – we will be casting actors for each Sketch Revue a little later this summer! Here are the writing teams, their Head Writers*, and their codenames:

CODENAME GZA (premieres Sept. 2012)
Steve Swan – Head Writer*
Vincent DiCostanzo
Luke Field
Sean Landis
Jess Ross
Matthew Schmid
Adam Siry

CODENAME RZA (premieres Oct. 2012)
Rob Baniewicz – Head Writer*
Trevor Cunnion
Matthew Jay
Matt Lacy
Joe Moore
Joseph Paolucci
Nora Rizkalla

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