After five years of training the best comedians in Philly with improv, sketch and storytelling classes PHIT has filled not only our stage, but the stages of countless other theatres, comedy clubs, and bar shows will fantastic performers. This is a great thing, but it’s also a challenge for people new to the comedy community: what happens when they have completed PHIT’s curriculum, want to continue studying and are not sure where they should go? Today we’re offering the answer to that question:

We are very excited to announce the creation of the PHIT Improv Conservatory. The goal of the conservatory is simple: create an offering that furthers the commitment PHIT has always had to create amazing performers out of everyday people and grow the comedy scene in Philly. Each conservatory class will take a small group from among a much larger pool of applicants (from graduates of PHIT’s Training Center to students who come to us with an extensive background at a comparable theater) and work with them to create an ensemble that has developed their own style of play. After eight weeks of work with one of our top instructors they will enjoy a one month run at PHIT for a paying audience, during which time they will continue to work with their instructor turned director to improve their show, review tape of their performance, and grow through the experience of working front of a crowd.

Our hope is that the Improv Conservatory will offer students a variety of different experiences and viewpoints each time they apply for and are accepted into a session, and that it will help bridge the gap between finishing our core curriculum and successfully auditioning for a highly-coveted spot in the cast of PHIT’s special projects or House Teams.

Our first conservatory class is open for applications beginning today.

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