Please stay warm and stay safe tonight! Hopefully you can find something funny to watch on your phone.

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Sean Conroy presents “The World’s Smallest Giant”

Come check out Sean Conroy’s stand-up show, “The World’s Smallest Giant” at PHIT Comedy on Saturday, December 9th at 10:30pm!

Acerbic, quick-witted comedian Sean Conroy is self-lacerating and constantly annoyed, but always manages to sneak in a healthy dose of silliness and joyful charm. Splitsider describes him as “intimidatingly smart, intimidatingly funny, and just plain intimidating.” Sean has performed stand-up on Conan and Comedy Central. He was a founding member of the first ever house team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, legendary improv group The Swarm, and has been a regular in UCB’s flagship show ASSSSCAT. He’s been a television writer for over a decade (Key & Peele, Crossballs, Dog Bites Man, Gentlemen Lobsters, Players, Love Inc.), most recently finishing up his third season as head writer of Adult Swim’s cult favorite Mr. Pickles. Check out his website at, follow his 2017 tour at, and follow him on IG and Twitter at @seanconroy.

Get tickets to The World’s Smallest Giant now!

If you’ve taken Improv 201, you’re eligible to learn from Sean! Click here to read more about his upcoming workshop, Finding the Game Of the Scene.

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Fezziwig presents “Sketch The Halls”

PHIT Comedy’s band of merry weirdos, sketch house team Fezziwig, returns with a new holiday sketch show, Sketch the Halls! It’s the holiday season as you’ve never imagined it before, skewed through Fezziwig’s trademark dark wackiness. What if Santa was ALWAYS watching? What if the manger was an AirBnB? Find out this and more in December at PHIT Comedy and celebrate the holidays with Fezziwig!

Head writer Andrea Duffy shared, “Sketch the Halls is our most ambitious show yet: we have musical numbers and a LIVE ANIMAL NATIVITY (really!). We’re a team with a weird/wacky/dark (but never mean) sense of humor, which is probably the best way to take on the topic of the holidays in a year where things seem upside down. So we’ve created a holiday spectacular for our mad mad world: “Everything is terrible but it’s the holidays so it’s fine.”

Alexis Howland
Alyssa Truszkowski
Ian Fletcher
Kristofer Hodge
Patric Ciervo
Nate Biagiotti
Derrick Houck
Wendy Lenhart (Mean Wendy Band)
Brooke McCarthy (Broadway Theater of Pitman’s Shrek)
Chuong Pham
Head Writer: Andrea Duffy (101.1 More FM)

With direction by Jenna Kuerzi (Barrymore Recommended Fringe Hit “Fishtown”)

You have SIX chances to catch this show:

Friday, December 1st @ 9:00pm

Saturday, December 2nd @ 9:00pm

Friday, December 8th @ 9:00pm

Saturday, December 9th @ 9:00pm

Friday, December 15th @ 9:00pm

Saturday, December 16th @ 9:00pm

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Philly Song Jawn with Sean

Philly’s only parody song showcase and competition. Host Sean Devaney Sullivan has recruited Philly’s best singers to be judged live by world renowned recording artists. The tunes are familiar, but the lyrics are definitely not. Cast your vote live and see who advances or gets their vocal chords replaced with beef jerky.

The pageantry, the revelry, the jawnery!  That’s what sets this show apart from the rest.  This is the one and only parody song showcase in philly framed around a discontinued national singing competition.  From Justin to Kelly, from raccoons to bears, Philly Song Jawn with Sean will have it all.

Get tickets to Philly Song Jawn now!

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Hoffman and Metropolis Return!

Former PHIT House Teams Hoffman and Metropolis are BACK every other Tuesday at 10:00pm! Come out for their glorious return this Tuesday, November 28th!

Whitney Harris
Cole Johnston
Sean Keegan-Landis
Kayleigh Leggitt
Kevin Ruth
Max Scholnick
Andrew Sigwart
Peter Szekeres
Jacob Todd

Directed by: Max Sittenfield

Chris Esperance
Chris Gory
Tom Hannigan
Derrick Houck
Angelina Meehan
Meredith McDonald
Cara McGuffin
Emma Needleman
Jimmy Wyatt

Directed by: Erin Pitts


Get your tickets now!

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Black Friday Comedy Marathon 2017

The Black Friday Comedy Marathon returns to the Philly Improv Theater on November 24th for its fourth year! Over a hundred and forty acts will be performing in forty hours that span three days. For only $12, you can see the best comedy Philly has to offer at a price that’s unmatched.

For more information about the marathon, click here!

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The Neighborhood featuring Bad Kitten’s Final Show

The Neighborhood is a fully immersive improv experience where everyone is invited to join in a discussion about what’s going on in our town. Each show has a guest improv group and is closed out with Neighborhood Watch. There will probably be doughnuts too, so stop on by.

Tonight’s show will feature the finale of improv team Bad Kitten.

Copyright Lindsay Docherty Photography

Bad Kitten is Sam Abrams, Neil Bardhan, Ryan Birchmeier, Steve Holland, Megan Holland, Dan Reed, and Lauren Rivera. Forming in a PHIT Improv 101 in January 2014, Bad Kitten has seen each other through weddings, babies, and a lot of onstage frolicking. PHIT selected Bad Kitten as the first Launch Pad team in October 2014. The team has played the Del Close Marathon, the District Improv Festival, and at venues all over Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s comedy community voted to award the 2015 Witout Special Achievement in the Field of Tweeting award to them. They’re known for extremely physical, energetic improv with bold characters and catastrophic stories, and they’ll knock your socks off one more time on Monday, 11/20 at PHIT Comedy.

Get tickets to tonight’s show now!

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Sweetish’s Farewell Show

After 3 1/2 years of puppets, puns, and live “movie magic,” Sweetish is coming to an end. 

Grouped randomly in 2014 for a live sketch comedy game show, Julia Hudson, Bobby Lang, Maura Pennington, Erik Sojka, and Brian Craig continued to meet every week, bonding over pop culture, hot goss, and fine Italian dining, and continued to perform on a regular basis.  After two members moved to the other side of the country, Sweetish carried on, having cross-continental writing/goss sessions over Skype. However, as life obligations and other projects started to pile up, Sweetish decided that, rather than fizzling out like so many sketch groups before them, they would bring it all back home with one last celebratory run of shows.  

“Fully Accredited” puts an exclamation point at the end of the sentence, a compendium of 3 1/2 years: partly greatest hits, partly a reflection on how they’ve changed and grown, both individually and as a makeshift family unit, and partly a series of lame dad-jokes!

Hosted by Brian Kelly.

Sweetish’s final shows will be Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th at 9pm. Get your tickets now!

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Announcing the Casts of Our New Improv Teams Debuting in January 2018!

This past weekend PHIT held auditions for new Wednesday improv house teams. We saw about 115 talented folks, but in the end only 18 were chosen. These two teams, directed by Robyn Cartlidge and Marcely Jean-Pierre, will debut in January 2018. Please put your hands together wherever you are and welcome the new teams coming next winter!

Chris Berg
Derek Hayes
Alexis Howland
James Knight
Olivia Kram
Jessica Lamonaca
Meredith McDonald
Jack Sharples
Adam Steiger

Ralph Andracchio
Wilfredo Diaz
Nick Elmer
Alex Fromm
Kris Hodge
Tia Kemp
Clara Menton
Alyssa Truszkowski
Cecilia Watson

Once again, thank you to everyone that auditioned. Philly is full of such great talent and that’s never more evident than when we hold auditions. Spring 2018 will be the next auditions for Wednesday improv teams. Keep an eye out for auditions for shorter run shows between now and then.

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Asian Gracefully: A One-(CHINA)Man Show by Woody Fu

Woody Fu spent 21 years as an honorary Jew and over 10 years as a neurotic New Yorker. Only recently has he realized he is Asian and has emotions. Join him on this special night as he finally becomes a man. L’Chaim!

Asian Gracefully is a scripted one-man show about growing up not white. It tackles such hilarious topics as Asian-American diaspora, internecine racism, and how the straight Asian male is the most marginalized group on PornHub. Using the personal to explore the universal, Asian Gracefully pokes fun at hoarders, Chinglish, and Koreans who for some reason put eggs on all their food.

The show has been performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade, People’s Improv Theater, Magnet Theater, and the Annoyance in New York City; the Torch Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona; at the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, Texas.

Woody will be teaching a musical improv scenework workshop on Saturday, November 11th at 12pm. Check it out here!

Woody Fu is a comedic writer and actor. He has performed all around New York and at the world-famous Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam. He is personally responsible for perpetuating the hoax of global warming.

Friday, November 10th @ 9pm

Saturday, November 11th @ 9pm

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Oculum Premieres This Friday!

A brand-new improv comedy show, Oculum, will premiere at PHIT this Friday at 8:00 p.m.

Oculum explores relationships, physicality and time through improv comedy. The cast uses improv and movement to embody the thoughts, feelings and ideas constantly running through our head. You can expect a combination of both grounded, relationship-driven scene work and the silliest fun in physicality to create an hour long improvised show. Oculum is inspired by a form created by Laura Doorneweerd (Amsterdam).

The cast of Oculum is: Yvonne Anderson, Scott Campbell, Wilfredo Diaz, Kate Fruhman, Bobby Hayes, Cindy Heffron, Susan LaPalombara, Kayleigh Liggitt, Annie Paradis, and Jon Plester.

Oculum is directed by Molly Scullion.

Molly shared, “I’m so excited about this show because this cast has made my job so darn easy. It’s different than anything they’ve done before, but they dove right in and have already done some of my favorite improv I’ve ever seen. This show is a lot about emotions and relationships, and having a cast of the kindest people to put on the show makes for some kind of wonderful improvised magic.”

Get tickets to Oculum’s premiere now!

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With Mirth And Laughter PREMIERE!

Catch the premiere of PHIT Comedy’s brand new show, With Mirth And Laughter: Improv In The Style Of Shakespeare, this Friday at 7:00 p.m.!

Let ye not miss this, a debut show
Come to the stage to see a brand new tale
On second stage, yay, not the one below
On tides of laughter our tale shall set sail
What willst thou see? What kind of fun be had?
None can know save for the eternal muse
That speaks in players ears, for good or bad
Will made up heroes win, or will they lose?
Bring with ye hence suggestions from thy mind
And help a tale ‘fore thine eyes be woven
With inspiration of so rich a kind
You’ll see how rich thou art for having chosen
To spend the eve here: With Mirth and Laughter!
Purchase thy tickets soon, aye, do it faster!

With Mirth & Laughter is an improvised show presented in the style of Shakespeare, directed by Steve Kleinedler. In 2005, Steve directed a similar show, The Robert Cycle, at Improv Boston and has since taught workshops on performing this style in several cities from Chicago to San Juan.

The cast is Sam Abrams, Rob Alesiani, Adam Cooper, Katie Cwirko, Ashley Fee, Noah Levine, Jack Presby, Rachel Semigran, Jessica Snow, Joe Tuzzi, Leticia Viloria, and Melissa Widhson.

Get your tickets for the premiere now!

Continue reading

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The BOO-TURE Halloween Special

Join PHIT House Team, The Future, for an evening of improvised ghost stories! Pulling from their experience as experts of the paranormal, this veteran comedy squad will solicit spooky titles from the audience and bring them to life (or death?). You provide the name of the story and we’ll provide the rest! This special show happens on Halloween and Halloween only, so if it you miss this show, it’ll haunt you forever!

Get your tickets for this show now!

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Jon and Ian present “The Next Step”

The afterlife, can you taste it? Don’t be scared, Jon and Ian are here to show you the next step. Over the course of your journey together, these sweet boys will show you the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the side ways and zig zags of what your own personal heaven will taste like. Can you smell it?

Jon and Ian are a sketch comedy duo based in Philadelphia. They have performed at Toronto Sketch Fest, Montreal Sketch Fest, Five Dollar Comedy Week and Black Friday Comedy Marathon. Their wildly different personalities but identical sensibilities make them a perfect, complementary pair. They attack absurd premises with breakneck speed, often speaking at the same time or finishing each other’s sentences, only breaking tempo for quick asides.

You have two chances to catch this show!

Friday, November 3rd at 9pm

Saturday, November 4th at 9pm

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Nick Gillette’s Demon Magick Seminar Returns to PHIT!

Demon Magick Seminar returns from a successful premiere in the 2017 Solowfest, just in time for Halloween. Storyteller and acrobat Nick Gillette weaves a braid of gripping tales from the edge of reason. Drawing on personal experience with ghost hunting, UFO cults, and conspiracy theorists, Gillette identifies the enduring beliefs that reason can’t seem to dispel. Reaching deep into the history of Magic, he uncovers clues as to why our culture craves stories of the uncanny, and why there will always be someone eager to tell them.The show combines theater and dance to expound upon a cluster of themes, including the power of storytelling over reality, the desire for experience beyond the material world, and the tragic state of fraudulence and delusion in those who claim authority over truth.This one man show culminates in an experiment with no control: what happens when you follow the exact instructions to summon a demon as written in the 17th century grimoire Clavicula Solomonis Regis?


You have three chances to catch Demon Magick Seminar:

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Announcing the Directors of Our Upcoming Improv House Teams!

It was announced last week that on November 11th, 2017 PHIT will be holding auditions for its newest improv teams. These teams will be performing weekly on Wednesday nights from January through June of 2018. At this time we are excited to announce the directors of these two new teams!

Robyn has been performing improv at PHIT for several years. In years past you might have seen her with 1816, but these days you can see her performing with PHIT House Team Dutch as well as monthly in Page One and Aretha’s Hat. Robyn has always been an encouraging and warm presence at PHIT. She has such a watchable presence on stage and I think she is capable of translating that honesty to a new cast as a director. She brings a depth of experience as a performer and a coach that I know will serve the team she works with very well.

I’m a sucker for a good Harold, so I’m very much excited to put together a team to focus their energy solely on this form with a more organic focus. I’m interested in making up a team of people who are kind to each other on and off the stage, people who are excited to learn and make mistakes, and most importantly people who are ready to build something great together. ~ Robyn

Marcely is a former member of PHIT House Team Swan Year. He recently completed a second run of Family Business at PHIT with his all POC team, American Express. You can see Marcely most Saturdays on new PHIT House Team Dutch. The only thing bigger than Marcely’s smile is his heart. Watching Marcely as a performer is a lesson in generosity, support, and playfulness. His talent and experience are a great combination for shaping an exciting new team at PHIT.

I’m actually really looking forward to the audition process, even though I know it makes for a very long couple of days.. I’ve had the pleasure of being on several teams comprised of very silly, fun folk who aren’t afraid to make big choices and love making each other look good. I would love to have a team with a similar vibe. ~ Marcely

Congrats to Marcely and Robyn! We are looking very forward to the teams these two fantastic performers are going to put together. If you are interested in auditioning for these teams you can click here for more information. If you don’t audition for a house team now you’ll be waiting until Spring of 2018!

Kristen Schier
Improv Producer

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It’s Almost Halloween!

Come celebrate Friday the 13th and Halloween with Count Propula and Friends! Starring America’s premiere prop comedian, The Legendary Wid as Count Propula, It’s Almost Halloween will trick and treat audience members with stand-up, sketches, and videos featuring Brian Craig (Secret Pants), Doogie Horner (America’s Got Talent), John Kensil (Caroline’s Comedy Hour), Joe Moore (Guilty Pleasures, Dog Mountain), and Samantha Russell (Secret Pants, Goat Rodeo)!

Get your tickets now!

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If it seems as if there are auditions for something at PHIT every few weeks these days that’s been pretty accurate for summer and fall. There’s a lot going on with new teams and new shows being planned and we need the great talent Philly has to offer to make them all happen. On November 11th, 2017 we will be holding auditions for our newest improv teams that will debut Wednesdays in January 2018 and run through June 2018. Directors for these upcoming teams will be announced next week!

Below is some basic information about the upcoming auditions as well as the link to submit. If you ​would ​like to know everything we can possibly think to tell you ​about the auditions before requesting an audition​ you can also click the link to the ​Winter PHIT House Team Audition FAQ.​ If you’re ready to request an audition time you can click here to request an audition time!​ If you don’t jump into these auditions you’ll be waiting until late Spring 2018 for the next round.

I hope that we see you at auditions. We know how much talent there is on the PHIT stage, going through the training center, and performing around Philly in general and we want to see everyone.

Thank you,

Kristen Schier
Improv Producer
​Audition: ​Saturday, ​November 11th, 2017 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.​.
​Callbacks: Sunday, ​November 12th, 2017 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
*Times could be extended or limited based on demand.

Philly Improv Theater @ the Adrienne Theater
2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Main Stage (first floor)

Auditioners must have completed PHIT Improv 401, be actively enrolled in Improv 401 (not just enrolled for an upcoming session), or have the approval of the Improv Producer.​ To be considered for an audition if you do not meet the prerequisite, or can not attend auditions, you will need to fill out the audition form and follow-up with an email to with the subject AUDITION WAIVER and explain why you feel an exception should be made. ​

Resumes are not required, but will gladly be accepted. Please bring a headshot or a recent photo of yourself.

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The Decoy presents “The House on Decoy Hill”


This special Halloween-themed performance is headlined by The Decoy. PHIT Comedy sketch house team The Decoy presents a spooky new batch of sketches guaranteed to leave you doubled-over in laughter…or fright. Join The Decoy at their house on Decoy Hill as they explore the intricate lives of monsters and the like.

Maurice Bryans is the owner of the house on Decoy Hill. Mr. Bryans says, “I’m so excited for you all to come see my lovely home. Our home. I live alone… mostly. Won’t you join me? Not a question.”

The Decoy has been spending countless hours inside their house on Decoy Hill preparing for this show. As a special incentive, they’ve put together the following word search. There are 15 words hidden in this puzzle. If you can find all 15 and bring your word search to the show, you’ll earn a very special prize – one Bryans Buck. What in the world is a Bryans Buck, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to #EnterTheHouse to find out…

You have SIX chances to catch “The House on Decoy Hill”
Friday, October 13th @ 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 14th @ 9:00 p.m.
Friday, October 20th @ 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 21st @ 9:00 p.m.
Friday, October 27th @ 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 28th @ 9:00 p.m.

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Goat Rodeo presents “Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo”

Join PHIT Comedy sketch house team Goat Rodeo as they present a brand new scripted comedy show! PHIT sketch shows have now moved to Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. on the Second Stage, and Goat Rodeo is the first team to do so!

A message from Goat Rodeo:
“Howdy there my little Cowboys, Cowgirls and Cowpeople (for any of you PC-minded folk out there.) It’s me, your ol’ pal Mr. Goaterson! The rooty-toot-tootin’est, six-gun-shootin’est, children’s-daytime-TV-show-hostin’est cowpoke in the West (on the East coast.) You know, it’s always a beautiful day in the Goaterhood, and you’re invited to join me, Mr. Goaterson, at my rodeo: Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo! Well, shucks, there may be dirt on the ground, but I can guarantee that Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo is a great place for the little’uns to learn about kid-friendly* lessons like the importance of book learnin’ at school, earnin’ your keep, and proper bedtime rituals! So, hold on to your caboose, Cowpeople, and mosey on over to PHIT Theater to see me, my pal William the Goat, and my sketch comedy friends, Goat Rodeo who are fixin’ to bring you a show that will, by hook or crook, leave you laughin’- and all you have to do is be there to see it! If you ask me, that sounds like a fair shake. And heck, as if you needed more reason to go, the PHIT is BYOB in case any of you city slickers wanna wet your whistle before, during or after the show. Just be sure to bring a little bit extra for Ol’ Mr. Goaterson, ya hear?)”

Get your tickets to Goat Rodeo’s final two performances of “Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo” below!
Friday October 6th at 9:00 p.m.
Saturday October 7th at 9:00 p.m.

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